Sunday, June 17, 2007

Crickets are misleading

Things have been quiet on this news page, I know. But that doesn't mean that things are quiet in Pilot-land. We are SO CLOSE to going live with Pilot #2 that I can taste it. You can taste it too. In books news: the text blocks of _____ VERSUS RECOVERY are back from the printer and ready to be sewn, just as soon as I finish making the covers -- a long process but you are going to love them, so it will be well worth the wait. I have some helper elves here in Lewisburg with me this month -- the young poets from as far as Portland and near as Pittsburgh and Long Island who've come here to write and talk poetry around us. They're super-talented and a few of them (thanks, Ashley and Ellen!) have been assisting in the book-making in the library of the Stadler Center. but then they drag me kicking and screaming to the pub and what can I do? all of this to say: beautiful things are coming your way...

But for now, some photos:

we went to see the primates in the animal behavior lab. very interesting and also strangely sad and sort of scary, but very very cool. my favorite were the capuchins, but i don't have pics of them. here's matt, zach and brian here with the baboons. zach got some great poems out of the experience.

this one is sad, i know.

from top: sushi with bill olsen (my new favorite person) and matty (one of my all-time favorite persons). ron, right before nancy's reading with the fellows. zach and bri. megan and brian. eric and ryan. ashley and zach.

the june seminar is my favorite. i will miss teaching in it. i will miss hanging with my junies. i will miss Wine in a Box (the song, not the boxwine). hell, i'll miss everything. and everyone.

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