Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rise Up

You are really really looking forward to reading this: when it is officially released on April 1st. If you are lucky, you may already own this book and if you are super lucky you have already read it and have had your life significantly changed for the better by it. I am that lucky. If you live in Brooklyn, and are feeling especialy lucky, you should go hear Matt read from this book you are looking forward to reading on Friday MARCH 16, 2007 8:00pm at Unnameable Books (formerly Adam's Books) 456 Bergen Street (between 5th and Flatbush) Brooklyn, NY 11217.

Go there. Be lucky. (which is different from but sometimes even better than getting lucky).

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grab your partner...

We are reading for issue #2 until March 31st, and are especially in need of collaborative pieces. submission guidelines here.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Thank god it is Spring Break, I still have not fully recovered from the madness that was AWP... but now all I have is timetimetime... Mister Gorman is back from his jaunt overseas and we are rarin' to go for more Pilot projects. Keep an eye on this space for updates, including the official release of Coming Down in White.

Miss Sophie Klahr (author of the forthcoming _________Versus Recovery) visited this weekend. We played with paper, we talked book dimensions, we edited... she stalked the poet's cottage, searching for ghosts. i made her promise not to tell me if she found one.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


A few months ago, while sitting in a crowded sports bar in Buffalo, NY (a rainy stop on the Poetry Bus) the genius who is Matt Hart shared with me his idea about creating the new game that is sweeping the nation. I remember thinking "fascinating. can it be done?" Well, folks, when Matt Hart is involved, anything can be done. I am in love with the idea of CENTO BINGO. I must now make my very own board. You should too!

Monday, March 05, 2007

100% of the dynamite exploded...

I am home from Atlanta. I am enjoying my first hangover-free day since Wednesday. My voice is cashed. But man, did we have a great night on Saturday. I have no pics of Friedrich or Lori reading---none of FK because he and Aaron James McNally asked me to stand in for Aaron and read their collaborations along with FK, and none of Lori because I was so wrapped up in her reading that I forgot. I had even planned to make a video. I think it speaks for the incredible awesomeness that is the poem "Coming Down in White" that a proud publisher would forget to photograph one of her authors while reading said poem. But the whole evening was grand. Here is a mini photo-tour for you to gaze fondly upon... (in reverse order because i'm too tired to fix it, and with apologies to zach for his sideways placement)... Sir Janaka Stucky of Black Ocean was the evening's emcee... and not just because he was the tallest. I really admire what he does, and he does it all with what seems like such ease; chapbooks, check; beautiful full-lengths, check; complicated facial hair and confident swagger, check check. Miss Reb Livingston, whom I adore, and her pack of wild No Tell poets. This woman did, single-handedly, break down and rebuild in her patented sexy way the old pattern of poetry readings. The No Tell crew, fondly referred to as the Bedside Manners, were incredibly fun. Then there was dear, dear, Mathias Svalina of Octopus and his multi-tentacled partner, Zach Schomburg. These guys are raising the bar with their online mag, their press, AND their poems. Raising glasses at the bar also, yes, but only after they are done raising the other bar. And then there was the crowd, to which this photo does not do justice. Max Greenstreet in the front, a man who, in my opinion, wins the biggest trooper award for 2007... I think that's Dan Nester with a gesture of loving kindness in the back: All in all it was an incredible night. Thanks to all the poets who read (Friedrich, Lily, Paula, Shafer, Karl, Ravi, Jill, Bruce, Laurel, Reb, Julie, Zach, Lori). Thanks to everyone who came out to hear our poets read, to hang out with us, to look at and even buy (thank you!!) the books we all publish. We need you all: readers, poets, friends. Dean, you were missed terribly. So were you, Tony. Next year I hope we can get the whole family together again. I met so many great people this weekend: it was so wonderful meeting you all!! And excellent to see all of you old friends. I miss you all already. Now I must sleep. Be good, all.