Saturday, June 23, 2007

Constructing ____VERSUS RECOVERY

We started at 10 pm. By 3 am, Ashley and I were slightly delirious and giggly over the slightly ridiculous and certainly long-ass process of making the book covers. We made a total of 4 whole books. Needless to say, the release will not happen for at least a few months until I make my move to NoHo and round up another crew of helpers. In the meantime, thanks to Bri and Ashley for all of their help. And especial thanks to Ashley for her creative input and her enthusiasm for book arts and overly-ambitious binding projects. I wish her the sharpest eyes for the coolest finds on her journeys of collecting. It made my night/week/month/summer to hear her and Bri and Zach exclaiming to each other (while sitting amidst the pile of my chapbook collection in the Poet's Cottage) on the last night of poetry camp: "I want to make chapbooks!" Do it!

I miss them all, my Junies and, as Mathias so aptly put it, their po-passion. Go on with yr bad selves and do even more great things...

Review of BRIEF WEATHER...

Noah Eli Gordon reviews BRIEF WEATHER & I GUESS A SORT OF VISION in the Chapbook Corner of the Summer 2007 Print Edition of Rain Taxi. Buy one! Or even better, become a subscriber to RT. Thanks to Noah for writing the review which is, I think, dead-on and v. favorable. Cheers, Robinson!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pilot #2

We are delighted to announce the release of Pilot #2.

Pilot #2 features poems from Julie Doxsee, Noah Falck, John Gallaher, Heather Green, Anne Heide, Nathan Hoks, Noelle Kocot, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Clay Matthews, Jennifer Tolo Pierce, Nate Pritts, Brandon Shimoda, and Justin Taylor; collaborative work from Mathias Svalina & Julia Cohen, Matt Hart, and the Typing Explosion; translations of Paul Dermee by Kim Lohse; an interview with Sierra K. Nelson; as well as a number of chapbook reviews.

We hope you enjoy it!

(poets raise their glasses. i'm on the phone with Dean as he hits "send")

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Crickets are misleading

Things have been quiet on this news page, I know. But that doesn't mean that things are quiet in Pilot-land. We are SO CLOSE to going live with Pilot #2 that I can taste it. You can taste it too. In books news: the text blocks of _____ VERSUS RECOVERY are back from the printer and ready to be sewn, just as soon as I finish making the covers -- a long process but you are going to love them, so it will be well worth the wait. I have some helper elves here in Lewisburg with me this month -- the young poets from as far as Portland and near as Pittsburgh and Long Island who've come here to write and talk poetry around us. They're super-talented and a few of them (thanks, Ashley and Ellen!) have been assisting in the book-making in the library of the Stadler Center. but then they drag me kicking and screaming to the pub and what can I do? all of this to say: beautiful things are coming your way...

But for now, some photos:

we went to see the primates in the animal behavior lab. very interesting and also strangely sad and sort of scary, but very very cool. my favorite were the capuchins, but i don't have pics of them. here's matt, zach and brian here with the baboons. zach got some great poems out of the experience.

this one is sad, i know.

from top: sushi with bill olsen (my new favorite person) and matty (one of my all-time favorite persons). ron, right before nancy's reading with the fellows. zach and bri. megan and brian. eric and ryan. ashley and zach.

the june seminar is my favorite. i will miss teaching in it. i will miss hanging with my junies. i will miss Wine in a Box (the song, not the boxwine). hell, i'll miss everything. and everyone.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Announcement from Wave Books

Wave Books now offers annual subscriptions to their softcover titles (subscriptions were previously only available for hardcovers)

Softcover subscribers will receive all six titles published by Wave in 2007:

Sorry, Tree by Eileen Myles
Rise Up by Matthew Rohrer
Citizen Of by Christian Hawkey
No Real Light by Joe Wenderoth
AWE by Dorothea Lasky
The Scented Fox by Laynie Browne

A softcover subscription is only $60.00 for all six books, plus a very low, one-time shipping charge ($4 in the US)

To find out more about subscribing to Wave Books softcovers or hardcovers, go here.