Tuesday, August 28, 2007


from the eds:

absent magazine * issue two
now online here

featuring poetry by Jasper Bernes, Charles Bernstein, Regis Bonvicino, Jack Boettcher, Tim Botta, Julia Cohen, Shanna Compton, John Cotter, Shafer
Hall, Lisa Jarnot, Pierre Joris, Joan Kane, Noelle Kocot, Jason Labbe,
Kathleen Ossip, The Pines, Matthew Rohrer, Kate Schapira, Mathias Svalina,
Kathryn Tabb, Allison Titus and Betsy Wheeler.

in translation with Sergei Kitov and Octavo Paz.

musical work by Aaron Einbond.

prose by Joe Amato, Peter Ciccariello, Simon DeDeo, Adam Golaski, Kent
Johnson, Amy Newman, Davis Schneiderman and Tyler Williams.

edited by Elisa Gabbert and Simon DeDeo; with great gratitude to Irwin
Chen and his class at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

work solicited for issue three: please read guidelines here
* letters to the editor
solicited: please read

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Issue of MiPOesias

just released! you can view it by clicking on the post title, or order a paper copy of your very own for your very hands here. I haven't read the whole issue yet but pretty blown away by Bibbins' poems. check 'em out.

Monday, August 13, 2007

the facts... a poll.

this is a semi-random question... how much do you (you!) feel an obligation toward the "facts" in poems. say, for instance, in a poem that contains an historical figure. how comfortable would you be straying from the details (and if so, how far from the details) of this person's life? how about inventing details about the figure's life to benefit the language/interest of the poem? in other words... do you feel justified in sacrificing truth and historical fact for the sake of the poem's imagination?

just curious.

but also really sincerely want to know. comment below. or email me!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

no place like NoHo

After 3 days of moving -- packing the van, driving the van, and unpacking the van in 95 degree heat (my mother is a saint for helping me), I am finally at rest at "home" in my new digs. I know I owe many people emails and phone calls and packages and yes I will do it soon, I promise. Now is time for unpacking, getting settled, finding a job, and getting the northeastern offices of Pilot Books up and running. Dean's at work in the offices of the northwest, getting together the snazzy new website and working on Mary Ruefle's comic book. It's now safe to say that the second season of Pilot Books is (slightly tardy but) on its way soon.

So now some pics from the last summer in Lewie-b, summer weddings, Seattle, and other amusements. Enjoy.

First wedding of the summer. Kevin and Paula, in the Outer Banks. Mazel tov!

Second wedding of the summer. Chelsea and Tim, just outside of Seattle. Hooray!

Not golfing with Joshua, Monica, Travis and Ross.

(video is too large... will shrink and post later.)
Red eye home, via Detroit. 5 am on this moving sidewalk was otherworldly.

My new home in Northampton, MA.

This is where I would post the group photo we were supposed to take at my going away dinner at Shara's house. But we didn't. So here's a pic of Shara (with Naomi) and the delicious spread she made for us. Goodbye for now, Stadler Center and Staff of the Stad. Thank you for having me. Thank you for being.