Saturday, June 23, 2007

Constructing ____VERSUS RECOVERY

We started at 10 pm. By 3 am, Ashley and I were slightly delirious and giggly over the slightly ridiculous and certainly long-ass process of making the book covers. We made a total of 4 whole books. Needless to say, the release will not happen for at least a few months until I make my move to NoHo and round up another crew of helpers. In the meantime, thanks to Bri and Ashley for all of their help. And especial thanks to Ashley for her creative input and her enthusiasm for book arts and overly-ambitious binding projects. I wish her the sharpest eyes for the coolest finds on her journeys of collecting. It made my night/week/month/summer to hear her and Bri and Zach exclaiming to each other (while sitting amidst the pile of my chapbook collection in the Poet's Cottage) on the last night of poetry camp: "I want to make chapbooks!" Do it!

I miss them all, my Junies and, as Mathias so aptly put it, their po-passion. Go on with yr bad selves and do even more great things...

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