Friday, July 13, 2007

Hot Emu Love

you simply gotta go here to see the glory that is Hot Emu Love. i recommend (highly) the disco option.

all of a sudden i feel very happy, uncharacteristically jubilant in the sweltering bosom of july. maybe it's emus in kneepads, and Abba. maybe it's i'm reading this book. maybe it's the $90 i just spent on fabulous vintage dresses (which i really can't afford right now). whatever it is, i like it. hope you are liking your own july, wherever and whoever you are.

1 comment:

a-smk said...

Hey Bets,

Thanks for the support. How the emu would love a Wheeler haiku.

We're just saying...

Can't wait to glide by you again at AWP--or wait, maybe we could actually get some coffee or something?!?! Nah, that's crazy...