Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun with letters

Who likes the jumble? First person to figure this out gets a free copy of BRIEF WEATHER. Bonus copy of COMING DOWN IN WHITE if you can guess why these letters are on my couch or where, specifically, they came from.

CLUE: it's a brand name

HINT: it's the same two words twice. four words; two of the same.


Chicky Wang said...

Mostly I love that you posted this at 2:03, though I'm a sucker for a jumble.

betsy said...

alas, chicky, the time stamp that amused you so was just the result of me not correctly setting up the time zone setting. that's fixed now so you can clearly see that instead of having nothing better to do at 2 am, I have nothing better to do at 10 am. sad.

Chicky Wang said...

Middle of the night is quality. I liked thinking you were awake.