Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The November Launch

Okay, so the launch for Anthony Robinson's book Brief Weather and I Guess a Sort of Vision, (which doubled as a launch party for the magazine) happened almost two months ago... so what, right? I fully embrace "Better Late Than Never"... So here are some of the pictures now. It really was a great reading; a grand old time involving wine, fancy desserts, and a legendary reading by Robinson that brought audience participation and good-natured heckling to a new level. You totally should have been there. But it's okay. You can relive the night in the photos below. And then you can buy the book here.

Before the reading started, Tony proposed we celebrate by going next door to the too-bright bar (Tiger Lily was it called?) and do shots. Tequila. Whiksey.
Yes, Tony drank right from the bottle. Demanding, he was. A glass is not big enough! he said.

Emily brought celebratory desserts.

Dean and Emily got psyched up for some serious karaoke. They can sing. Singing poets.

Dean Betsy Tony

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