Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Effing #6 hot off the press

The always-entertaining, surprisingly soft-spoken, frighteningly-talented poet Joe Massey has an announcement to make:
Dear friends,

I edited the 6th issue of Effing Magazine which has been released today. The issue contains generous selections of work from the following poets: Zach Barocas, Chris Rizzo, Mairéad Byrne, Andrew Mister, Rae Armantrout, Shannon Tharp, Aaron Tieger, Tom Devaney, Julie Doxsee, Sandra Simonds, Jess Mynes, and John Phillips.

The covers are printed with hand-carved linoleum cuts designed by Jared Faulkner, with a touch of letter-pressed words on the back by Scott Pierce. Each cover is unique. Hand-sewn. 64 pages. Cost: $7.00.

Obtain it here:

Scroll down for the PayPal button on the sidebar. The cover has flowers on it, can't miss it. Soon information for the issue will be on the main Effing Press website.

Luddites, you can send a check or concealed cash directly to the press:

Send your check or money order (or cash, if you're feeling brave) to:

Scott Pierce
703 W 11th Street #2
Austin, TX 78701




So get your sweet ass over there and order yourself a copy, then hum a little tune of joy.

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