Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ay Dubs (aka AWP)

Hello fearless and faithful Pilot readers. I hope you are still out there, even though we've left you with naught to read for way too many good morrows. But I'm here now to tell you that Pilot will be at AWP in the massive book fair, table 91 in the Gramercy Room on the 2nd floor. Please come by. We'll be sharing our space with our friends from Factory Hollow Press and Small Fires Press. There will be LIVE BOOKBINDING (read: we're still working on the books). There will be LIVE TYPEWRITING (read: we didn't have time to make actual biz cards). There will be other shennanigans I'm sure, since we're also parked next to our pals at Open City. Please come by, we have so many new books and things to show you...

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